Police Misconduct in Texas: Your Rights & Legal Options

What’s Police Misconduct Anyway? Houston citizens assume the police are decent people who obey the law. Unfortunately, there are times that a police officer can misuse their authority. Police misconduct is any activity by a police officer which is against their obligation to serve and protect the public. This ranges from the excessive use of… Read More »

Security Guards: The Solution for Business Owners

When a business owner is looking for a way to protect their property and assets from criminals and vandals, there are a few options which may provide an advantage. Installing security cameras, commercial door guards, lighting, and the best of all, professional security guards. Let’s face it, no light, cameras, or other inanimate object is… Read More »

Texas Law and Pervasive Sex Crime Proliferation

The criminal statutes of Texas present a wide range of misconducts which are considered as illegal. This may include theft, murder, and are punishable by imprisonment, fines, and several other sanctions. In Texas, sanctions and criminal laws are not different from those of other states apart from those of the Lone Star State known for… Read More »

Your Texas Driver License Could Be Suspended If…

The Texas Department of Public Safety, can revoke or suspend your license for a variety of reasons, for different lengths of time, until certain criteria is met. A failure to obey state rule and laws of the road, can result in a revocation or suspension of your Texas Driver License. How long your suspension, and… Read More »