Have You Ever Been Scammed?

If you’ve never been a victim of a scam artist then you will find a high level of interest in the following video. This video features a review of a scam perpetrated by southern scam-artist pastor Abraham Kennard. The scam went like this, “Invest 3000.00 and get back 500,000.00 in return from corporations looking to unload millions in tax dollars in the form of donations to ministries. As you may guess, the whole charade was a load of nonsense.

The Scammer Reverent

During the high point of the scam, Reverend Abraham Kennard started spending the money invested in the scam on personal affects like jet ski’s, trips to casinos, and the purchase of property. He even flew in his sister from Houston to help out with the scam.

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He even held rallies in which he invited his scammed investors and continued to promise the people they would get paid, then reneged.

On Death Row, Robert Fratta

Eleven years after his sentencing, Robert Fratta, a death row inmate, was granted a new trial and lost. The court has affirmed his execution for his crimes and now he sits on death row claiming his innocence.

The death penalty exists for the purpose of giving society the power to take out people who take out others for no good reason. This documentary takes to the Great State of Texas where we meet former Missouri City, TX police officer Robert Fratta who was jailed for killing, or conspiring to kill, his wife.

He was sentenced to death twice for the same crime.