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Security Guards: The Solution for Business Owners

When a business owner is looking for a way to protect their property and assets from criminals and vandals, there are a few options which may provide an advantage. Installing security cameras, commercial door guards, lighting, and the best of all, professional security guards. Let’s face it, no light, cameras, or other inanimate object is… Read More »

Facing Criminal Charges? Hire the Best Lawyer Possible!

If you’re facing criminal charges in Houston, Harris County, or elsewhere in Texas, you should make it a top priority to find the best criminal defense lawyer around for your case. Freedom is precious and certainly worth fighting for. But what makes the best criminal defense lawyer the best? Who knows? One thing is for… Read More »

The Experienced Houston Lawyer for Dope Cases

To be accused of any form of criminal charge that’s related to drug dealing in the state of Texas is a serious criminal offense that will result in harsh retribution from the criminal justice system in addition to a life long criminal record that will force others to think twice about working with you, or… Read More »

Most Criminals Are Absent Minded

In jurisdictions the nation over, criminal court judges and magistrates have to spend time dealing with criminal [felony and misdemeanor] offenders, who in often cases, have an absent mind when it comes to preventing the actions that led to their arrest in the first place, and an absent mind when it comes to owning up… Read More »

It Easy To Be Arrested For Child Porn

A lot of people don’t realize how simple it is to be arrested for the possession of child pornography. Below is a list justifications of a child porn related arrest. Naked baby pictures of your own children. Having accidentally visited a site with indecent photos of children on them, and your computer unknowingly downloading those… Read More »