Accused of Drunk Driving in Harris County?

Being accused of a criminal offense such as DUI (Driving Under The Influence of Drugs) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is a serious legal matter which can result in jail time, fines and penalties, and a life long criminal history that’s likely to hold you back from making progress in areas of life in which you may want to proceed.

Arrested in Houston for DWI?

If you’ve been arrested for a criminal offense, or for drunk driving, contact the attorney(s) listed below for legal representation, education, and advice about the best way to move forward with your case.

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Accused of DWI in Houston?

To Houston-Galveston Drivers: Drink Responsibly

Some people don’t take into consideration the impact they could potentially have on the lives of other people when the go out, party, indulge in the sinfulness of drinking intoxicating amounts of alcohol, then exercise the nerve to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in an effort to take to the roads while drunk.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but when it comes to losing control of yourself due to being a drunkard we have a moral problem than will endanger lives if you take to the roads after drinking.

Galveston DUI Offenses Spike DWI Lawyer Caseloads

There are a number of criminal penalties that comes into play if a person is arrested, jailed, and found guilty in the court of law for a DWI related criminal offense. One Galveston DUI lawyer I know, says the problem of people committing DWI’s is getting worse on the I-45 Corridor from Houston to Galveston. He’s sees people from all walks of life coming into his law office with a need to retain legal representation with regard to DUI offenses. I know one time he said he represented a college student who was hadn’t even been drinking but was arrested for a DWI offense due to him having a bad attitude with the police. I guess the cops get malicious from time to time.


By failing to obey Texas DWI laws you could end up dead, the murderer of others as a result of intoxicated homicide, in jail, and stuck with a responsibility to pay back heft fines. Exercise some responsibility when drinking alcohol, and don’t drive while intoxicated.