Texas Law and Pervasive Sex Crime Proliferation

The criminal statutes of Texas present a wide range of misconducts which are considered as illegal. This may include theft, murder, and are punishable by imprisonment, fines, and several other sanctions. In Texas, sanctions and criminal laws are not different from those of other states apart from those of the Lone Star State known for heavy penalties including frequent death penalties.

Categories of Austin Criminal laws include:

Austin Drug Possession Laws

These laws entail the Texas Controlled Substances Act which prohibits the possession of an illicit drug. The law also includes classifications, penalties for offenders, defenses to possession charges, and various links to other resources which are related to drugs.

Texas Gambling Laws

Gambling is strictly not allowed in Texas except for horse and dog racing. Regardless of this law, the Texas Hold ’em is very popular in Texas.

Travis County and Texas Sexual Assault Laws

This includes the basics of Texas sexual assault laws such as rape, which prohibits commission of sexual acts to an unwilling partner, usually done through a threat of force or force.

Texas Assault and Battery Laws

These are the basics of “assault and battery” law under the Texas statute. Criminal assault is a threat of violence, while a criminal battery is the unwanted touching or hitting another person.

Texas Domestic Violence Laws

This is an overview of domestic violence laws in Texas, which begins with the legal grounds in charging defendants who have committed the crime. It also includes sentences and penalties for offenders, victims’ information, and the links to related resources.

Texas Capital Punishment Laws

These are the main provisions of capital punishment laws in Texas, which govern how and when death penalties could be applied to punish the particularly serious crimes, such as first-degree murder.

Texas Law & Child Pornography

Texas strongly prohibits the use, promotion, or exploitation of kids under the age of 18 in performance, employment or conducting of sexual acts. According to Texas law, “sexual conduct” is defined as sexual contact, simulated or actual sexual intercourse, sadomasochistic abuse, sexual bestiality, deviate sexual intercourse, masturbation, or salacious exhibition of genitals, anus, or a portion of female breasts below the top of the nipples or aureola. The law also prohibits creation, or dissemination materials depicting any sexual conduct by use of visual representation such as photographs, plays, dances or even motion pictures.

It is also considered as a crime to be in possession of child pornography. Any prosecutor should be in a position to prove that the defendant intentionally and knowingly possesses the materials depicting an under 18-years child at the time of material creation, the sexual conduct was engaged, and the defendant happens to know this material depicts the child. Under Texas pornography laws depicting kids, if there are six or more identical visual materials of a child being involved in sexual conduct are found, it will be assumed that the defendant had the intention to promote these materials.

Statutory Definitions

Child Pornography Offenses In Austin

If a person happens to know that the character employed is a child under the age of 18 for engaging in sexual act or performance, the person is considered to have committed a crime. If a guardian or parent consents to this participation of the child, the parent is also considered to have committed an offense.

A person is said to have committed an offense if:

The person intentionally possesses or accesses with the intention of viewing, visual material that depicts a child below 18 years of age at the time this image of the child was made who engages in the sexual conduct.

The person happens to know that a material depicts the child in the particular visual content as described above.

Classification of Kiddy Porn Crimes In Texas

Sexual Performance by a Child

Class A offense: This is employing a child to work in a commercial sexually oriented activity or in anywhere requiring the kid to work nude.

Third-degree felony: for intentionally producing, promoting, or directing sexual performance activity by a minor under age of 18.

Second-degree felony: for employing an under 18 child for sexual conduct; or for intentionally producing, promoting, or directing a sexual conduct by a child under the age of 14.

First-degree felony: for employing any kid under age 14 in sexual performance activity.

Possession of Child Pornography

Third-degree felony: for being in possession of child pornography.

Second-degree felony: for being in possession of child pornography with the intention of promoting or distributing it.

Obamagration Offers Hope To Would Be Americans

In case you were not aware, this Spring (of 2015) new Obamagration policies will go into effect on behalf of immigrants wishing to enter the United States of America.

Although some pundits consider Obama’s recent actions on immigration policy as dictatorial in the form of an unconstitutional power grab, immigrants seeking entry into the United States don’t care about the illegality of Barack Obama’s actions and seek to take advantage of the new US immigration policies as soon as possible.

Houston Immigration Lawyers Scratch Heads

Immigration lawyers in Houston, and nationwide, are at the end of their seats waiting on the date when the new DACA and DAPA plans will be implemented, at which point, an expected flood of immigration applications are expected to be sent to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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In the likely event that the great Donald J. Trump is elected to the presidency of the United States one can be assured that any future attempts to enter the United States will become more difficult.