Houston’s Drunk Driving Lawyer Will Help

Accused of DWI? You’ll need a smart criminal defense lawyer if you’re to have a chance at avoiding the worse penalties and prosecution possible. Litigators working for the state of Texas take no prisoners when prosecuting DWI offenders, but Houston DWI Defense Trial Attorney Tad Nelson is on your side. Houston DWI charges can result… Read More »

The Experienced Houston Lawyer for Dope Cases

To be accused of any form of criminal charge that’s related to drug dealing in the state of Texas is a serious criminal offense that will result in harsh retribution from the criminal justice system in addition to a life long criminal record that will force others to think twice about working with you, or… Read More »

Most Criminals Are Absent Minded

In jurisdictions the nation over, criminal court judges and magistrates have to spend time dealing with criminal [felony and misdemeanor] offenders, who in often cases, have an absent mind when it comes to preventing the actions that led to their arrest in the first place, and an absent mind when it comes to owning up… Read More »