Private Investigators and Criminal Defense

During a criminal court trial, the role of private investigators often play a crucial part of a criminal defense case. They must gather evidence and witnesses to a crime and give reasonable doubt of their client’s guilt to a jury. When a private investigator takes a job for a client, their job begins by familiarizing themselves with the case by going over all evidence given to the defense, reviewing police reports, talking to witnesses, and even revisiting the scene of the crime in question. Their goal is to search for inconsistencies in police and witness reports, as well as searching for anything overlooked.

Criminal Lawyers Will Conduct Investigations

Whether the defendant’s attorney decides to hire a private investigator, or hired privately, they will work with the attorney to ensure that all charges filed are clearly understood, as well as information surrounding the claims. Once that is cleared, the investigator begins examining submitted evidence, searching for anything overlooked, or omitted in reports and witness statements. Sometimes, the detectives who work with the retained Houston private investigation firm needs to even speak directly with any police officer that arrived on the scene to discuss reports and statements taken.

Licenses Private Investigators Matter During Trial

During the trial phase of the case, the private investigator will show evidence to support the defense, as well as any additional information, if any, they have acquired which may contradict police reports, or other witness statements, as well as any additional witnesses who had been found or come forward. If the evidence is substantial enough to bring reasonable doubt to the jury, their client may be acquitted of the charges against them, and remain free.

Even After Trial, The Investigation Pays Dividends

However, if the defense has lost and their client sentenced, the investigator’s job does not end there. Even years after a lost case, during the appeal phase, a private investigator can still be used to find old witnesses, and possibly uncover more, possibly even new, evidence to show their client’s innocence, and help to free them. Even if people have moved, the investigator can help to track them down to reopen the case, and offer the newly obtained evidence to a judge for another trial.

In this way, the role of a private investigator is an invaluable resource for a criminal defense case, as they are trained specifically for delving deeply into a case to either prove a client’s innocence, or bring enough of a reasonable doubt to the minds of jurors to acquit the defendant of charges against them, whether or not they are truly innocent or not.

Private Investigators and Criminal Defense

For Houston Motorists Victimized and Injured by Drunk Drivers

If you are the victim of a drunk driving related automobile accident in Houston, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against the person who hurt you and caused your injuries and other damages. When you file your lawsuit, you’ll be suing for the cost of the medical expenses you had to pay, the pain and suffering that you experienced, any lost earnings that you may be suffering from, and more depending on the situation and the resulting circumstances.

Find The Best Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

A professional Houston, Texas personal injury litigation law firm will take the time to consult with you and help you to make a smart determination on how to proceed with your case, win for you in the event that your case goes to trial, what arguments to make with regard to a pursuit of the highest compensatory settlement possible, and more.

Whether you were hit by a Metro bus, in an 18 Wheeler accident, by driving around Houston, TX and being unexpectedly ran into by a drunk driver, you probably have a strong lawsuit if you are injured in a car accident due to no fault of your own.

Lawsuits for DWI Car Accident Compensation

If you are hurt by drunk driver then that will be to courtroom engagements; the civil trial in the criminal case. Generally, criminal cases are resolved long before settlements for final judgments and personal injury trial. The good news, criminal drunk drivers are generally found guilty most of the time when the car accident results in injury. Once the perpetrator is found guilty, it will almost always guarantee your success in Claims Court.

The Texas DRAM SHOP Act

The provider of alcohol can also be found liable for the conduct of the drunk driver if the facts fall within the parameters of liability set forth in the Texas Dram Shop Act. The Texas Dram Shop Act requires a plaintiff to prove that, when the alcohol was provided, the recipient “was obviously intoxicated to the extent that he presented a clear danger to himself and others,” and the recipient’s intoxication was a proximate cause of the damages suffered. Tex. Alco. Bev.Code § 2.02(b). Source

Consult with an Attorney For The Best Advice

If you or a close loved one was victimized by drunk driver, and suffered serious life-threatening injuries as a result of a car accident, you’re going to need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side for the best chance of success. And we all know, success in today’s legal system is easier said than done.