They Got Guhment Spy Planes Over North Texas (Amarillo)

By | March 30, 2014

Well what have we here! Seems he have a sighting of weird governmentish seeming spy-plane over north Texas near Amarillo. Notwithstanding the criminal Obama Administration, this is nothing I would classify as ultra surprising, however, very very interesting.

From The Houston Barnacle

If the unidentified aircraft photographed over Amarillo turns out to be a new U.S. spy plane, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Aviation Week & Space Technology journalist Bill Sweetman has posted photos taken March 10 by two veteran sky watchers, Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett. Read More

I hope this doesn’t lead to Texas Versus USA war because we might lose any military encounter since most of our boys are in ranks with the US military.


For more information about this “Act of War” following the link to the professionally written article from the Houston Barnacle linked above.