The Experienced Houston Lawyer for Dope Cases

By | June 3, 2015

To be accused of any form of criminal charge that’s related to drug dealing in the state of Texas is a serious criminal offense that will result in harsh retribution from the criminal justice system in addition to a life long criminal record that will force others to think twice about working with you, or giving you a job.

Avoiding Criminal Charges in Houston

The main reason that its important to avoid these type of criminal charges is not the charge itself, but the implication on your criminal record which will justify the idea that you’re accustomed to dealing with the criminal element; ie., learning new tricks and making new friends in the prison system.

The Stigma of Criminal Life (Thug Life)

In other cases, people turn up their noses at convicted criminals, regardless of whether or not they’ve become better people as a result of their experience with the criminal justice and correctional system, and turn them down for jobs.

Dealing With Houston Drug Charges

The best way to handle allegations of felony drug offenses in Houston is to hire and experienced Houston criminal defense attorney like Tad A. Nelson of the Law Office of Tad Nelson & Associates.

Don’t Talk To The Police

You and every other red-blooded American who enjoys Constitutional protection from the tentacles of government have one key right that may save you from yourself; the 5th Amendment.

The importance of the 5th Amendment is paramount when it comes to keeping you from convicting yourself by way of you testifying against yourself unknowingly, and being forced to incriminate yourself by the Houston Police Department or the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer

The first order of business, in the event that you’ve been criminally charged with drug trafficking or drug dealing related charges in Houston, is to seek a bonafied criminal law attorney with experience defending people who have been accused of drug trafficking¬† or drug possession related charges.

Federal Drug Trafficking Cases

In some cases, depending on the amount of the drugs involved, and the other involved parties, if any, the federal government may pick up the case. If this happens, this is an unwelcomed situation that raises the stakes by a large margin. If you’re in this situation, a Houston drug crimes lawyer with experience in federal court settings may be an order.